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The secrets of the Indian kitchen:

The secret of the Indian food is not only to be find in the vast
choice of spices, but above all in the carefull composition
of the spices and to cook them that way, that the flavour can be
developed the best possible way.

Our restaurant in Munich offers many delicious dishes of Indian cuisine.
You can find the menu of our restarant in Munich on the left.
Of course, all listed dishes in the menu
are also offered by our caterer in Munich.

Our indian restaurant uses as cooking kit a pan on the open fire or
a tandoor (charcoal clay oven). The tandoor is the every purpose oven
of the Indians. This universal gadget is in most of the cases shaped
like a jar and the inside has a layer of clay on which
bottom wood is burned.

It is forbidden to eat with the left hand.
The left hand serves only for dirty works. It is not forgiven
to shake hands or to eat with the left hand.

Finally some remarks to the Indian „Curry".
The word „Curry" is a phonetic misunderstanding, which
was brought from the Britains to Europe.

The tamilian word „kari" (souce) is said to be the origin of this nomination.
There is no special curry spice in India. Indeed it deals with a composition
of different spices, which tastes in differnet way, depending on
the composition. Each housewife, each cook has its own typical
mixture of spices, which composition is kept as a secret.

If we have whet your appetit for the traditional Indian cuisine,
just come visit our Indian Restaurant in Munich.

We wish you to enjoy your meal!

Indian dishes,
which are not mentioned on the menu
will be of course prepared upon request.