ß Who is blind? - Who can not see another world.Who is dumb? - Who can not say a gentle word at the right time.Who is poor? - The man who is tortured by a fierce desire.Who is rich? - Whose heart is joyful.





Cold appetizers

  8. Chicken-Chana-Chat Delhi
(Indischer Hühnerfleisch- und Kichererbsensalat)

5,50 EUR
  9. Krabben-Cocktail Bombay mit kleinem Nan 7,50 EUR

Warm appetizers

(All warm appetizers with 3 different dips.
Pakoras dipped in chickpeas batter and deep fried.)
  11. Vegetable Pakora
(Fresh mixed vegetables)

4,30 EUR
  12. Onions Bhaji
(Spicy onion rings fried)

4,30 EUR
  13. Paneer-Pakora
(Fresh homemade cheese)

4,30 EUR
  14. Chicken Pakora
(Tender chicken)

4,90 EUR
  15. Vegetable Samosa
(2 pastries filled with fresh vegetables)

4,90 EUR
  16. Various appetizers ( for 2 persons)

11,90 EUR
  16. Tandoori appetizers
( for 2 persons)

14,90 EUR